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    If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

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    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 2x09 - “Cased Up” (November 11, 1991)

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    TUESDAY 8/19: Ferguson PD presented a table full of fabricated evidence at this morning’s press conference - allegedly seized from protestors and stopped cars. The Colt 45 Molotov with a white bandana was the crowning glory, turns out you can’t even buy glass 40’s in Missouri. Stay classy, FPD


    They reachin’. Hard.

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    TMA - MR house, Beja 2009. Via, photos (C) Fernando Guerra

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    model mother tongue:

    "this may sound like an exageration, but we are the best athletes on earth."

    but if a nuh so, a nearly so.
    if it's not actually true, it might as well be.

    how to speak patois with jeneil williams dir. by PENSACOLA for i-D. 

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    Weird Al Yankovic has released the music video “Word Crimes,” a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” which corrects numerous common grammar mistakes.